Step 1

Step 1:

Open package and remove the lid from Weedalizer to expose the collection pad. Do not touch the collection pad with your fingers. Place collection pad in your mouth to start collecting oral fluid.

Step 2

Step 2:

Rub the collection pad against cheek and tongue in a circular motion to collect oral fluid. After 10 rotations, place the collection pad under your tongue for 1 minute or more until liquid becomes visible in the result window.

Step 3

Step 3:

When liquid becomes visible in the results window, take Weedalizer out of your mouth and put the lid back on. Place Weedalizer on a flat surface and wait for results.

Step 4

Step 4: Read your results.

Results are accurate between 5-15 minutes after taking the test (step 3).
Any faint lines should count during this time. 

  • 1 line next to C (Control) indicates recent use
  • 2 lines indicates low or no THC detection
  • 1 line next to T (Test) or no lines at all means the TEST IS INVALID

Test Instructions

Faint lines can be due to the fact that each person produces different amounts of oral fluid and some may not produce sufficient amounts during the test. 

For more information regarding invalid results please read our Refund Policy