About Us

weedalizer designed by RCU Group

Weedalizer™ is a simple, affordable, and easy to use educational product that informs Canadians about the impaired driving laws, limits, and facts.

The product has been designed and developed by RCU.

RCU is an advocate for responsible cannabis use. Our objective is to educate consumers and organizations about Cannabis through products that address education, safety, policy, and insights most relevant for citizens and travellers across the globe.

Shared Responsibility

We all have a responsibility to work together and change the stigmas about cannabis. Knowing the facts about cannabis, the laws from each region on cannabis, and our own personal limits with cannabis will allow us to make responsible decisions about cannabis.

Know the facts. Know the law. Learn the limits.

The Canadian government is creating, updating, and changing rules and regulations for the cannabis market regularly. The current status of cannabis industry has been recognized as one of the most volatile industries in Canada and across the globe. As a consumer you can self educate make informed decisions about cannabis.

Become a Responsible Partner

Weedalizer™ is currently available in Canada and will be available in US late 2019. Learn more about partnership opportunities.

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