THC detector

Detect recent cannabis use

Weedalizer™ is a simple test that detects recent use of cannabis products containing THC.

  • 5 minute oral fluid THC test
  • Detects recent use of cannabis (smoking or vaping)
  • Does not detect impairment

Cannabis affects each person differently.
The law applies to everyone the same.

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25 nanograms in oral fluid
2 nanograms in blood

The Criminal Code prohibits driving while impaired. The Department of Justice (DOJ) updated the impaired driving laws in 2018. For cannabis, the limit is set at 2 nanograms of THC / milliliter of blood (ng/mL). Being OVER this amount is being OVER the limit. There are two limits defined:

  • It is a summary offence to have between 2-5 ng/mL of THC/mL of blood
  • It is a hybrid offence if you have OVER 5 ng/mL of THC/mL of blood

DOJ also approved new tools for police to test for recent cannabis use:

  • Oral Fluid tests is an approved method for testing recent cannabis use
  • The limit for oral fluid testing is set at 25 ng/mL of THC/mL of oral fluid

You can learn more about federal and provincial cannabis laws at

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THC in oral fluid can indicate recent use

Presence of ∆9-THC (delta-9-THC) in oral fluid can determine recent use of cannabis (smoking, vaping, or chewing edibles). The challenge is that frequent consumers may have THC linger in their oral fluid long after consumption. This is why oral fluid devices are categorized as screening devices - if they detect THC in oral fluid a blood sample can be demanded in order to confirm how much THC is in blood.

Drugs and Driving Committee (DDC) is a committee within the professional organization of The Canadian Society of Forensic Science. Based on their recommendation to the Department of Justice, "The screening limit for Oral Fluid is set at 25 ng/mL".

Police can ask for an oral fluid sample without cause, as long as they have legally stopped the vehicle. If the driver is OVER the limit set by the oral fluid screener, the presence of recent cannabis use is confirmed and there may be grounds to demand for a blood sample which can confirm the exact amount of THC in blood.

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Being OVER ≠ being impaired

Similar to alcohol, THC impacts each person differently. As a result one may be OVER the limit but not impaired, or UNDER the limit and impaired. However, being OVER the limit is breaking the law.

Weedalizer™ is an educational product that empowers cannabis consumers with information about the laws, the limits, and how one may be OVER or UNDER the set limits.

Weedalizer™ can NOT detect impairment.

A few tokes take you over 1000 ng.
The limit is 25 ng.

With in the first 2 hours after smoking/vaping, you can have OVER 1000 ng of THC in your oral fluid.

THC can stay in oral fluid for over 6 hours. The diagram shows that THC levels in oral fluid are highest in the first 2 hours after smoking.

As mentioned before, this can vary from consumer to consumer and the effects will be different for each person. However, all consumers will have a peak of THC in their oral fluid within 10 minutes to 2 hours after smoking, vaping, or chewing cannabis with THC. These peaks help detect recent cannabis use.




Across Canada, police can ask for oral fluid or conduct sobriety test, after legally pulling over a driver.

If the concentration level in oral fluid is OVER 25 ng/ml (THC/Oral Fluid), then blood sample is requested in order to figure out specific THC levels in blood.

OVER 5 ng/mL

1st Offence - Min Mandatory $1,000 fine
2nd Offence - Min mandatory 30 days imprisonment
3rd Offence - Min mandatory 120 days imprisonment

UNDER 5 ng/mL,
but OVER 2 ng/mL

License suspension
Ignition interlock

UNDER 2 ng/mL

You’re UNDER the Federal per se limit
License suspension
Ignition interlock

Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test - detects recent smoking or vaping of cannabis
Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test - detects recent smoking or vaping of cannabis
Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test - detects recent smoking or vaping of cannabis
Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test - detects recent smoking or vaping of cannabis
Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test - detects recent smoking or vaping of cannabis
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Weedalizer™ THC Oral Fluid Test

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High risk, no reward

Being impaired can cost you:

  • loss of employment,
  • expelled from school,
  • loss of drivers license,
  • fines of $1,000 to 120 days in prison for driving under the influence,
  • your life or someone else’s life

Don't Be Sorry

Know the facts. Know the laws. Learn the limits.
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